Rocland is a products division of RCR Industrial Flooring. Rocland manufactures wide range of unique Abrasion Resistance Surface Hardener which can be applied both as dry shake and fresh-on-fresh topping, Polymer Screeds for Agro, food industry, Curing compounds, Decorative Microtopping, Bonding Agent, ,etc., in its facility near Mumbai.

Rocland also offers exclusive range of flooring products from other units of RCR product division, namely metallic Armoured joints from Permaban Ltd., U.K. , RINOL Gmbh, Germany, Italy, RCR Deco products and Shrinkage compensating / control additives from Rinol Rocland, Spain. We seek to improve our products, adapt them for new applications and add new products based on our close association with customers – all this while rigorously evaluating the ecological and social implications of our innovations. Our products are used in millions of square meters of industrial flooring globally each year. Dedicated to quality, we operate to the internationally-recognized ISO 9001 quality standards.

RCR with its Engineering Services, Product and Project division is uniquely positioned with technical evaluation, application requirements, performance requirements feedback from within the group, which helps in continual improvement, meet client expectations, design and develop products for future market. Rocland brings all the global and local experience to the clients and contributes to the success of projects.

Rocland Color hardners have created landmark floors not only internationally but pan India. Rocland color hardners are unmatched both in quality and color intensity. Rocland Fresh on Fresh system offers flexibility of color choice like white to pastel shades without any contamination from base concrete. 

Rocland decorative floors systems like microtopping have been installed in commercial to residential spaces. Rocland not only offers products but helps establish complete system with choices of materials. Solutions are not offered to suit product requirements but products are offered to meet the system solution. 

PERMABAN armoured metallic joints are benchmark in joint protection across the globe. Permaban is pioneer in armoured joints, its flagship product Alpha joint has become generic name in armoured joints. Permaban joints are CE certified, which establishes the manufacturing and product process for quality unlike locally fabricated joints. Joints are designed to perform in load transfer across joints as well as for edge protection and Permaban joints have been tested to meet the requirements.

Rocland offers resin products from its RINOL ItaliaResearch& Laboratories S.r.L..Rinol offers CE certified meeting a wide spectrum of industry use, namely, Cold Storages, Food and Agro Industries, Car Parkings, Epoxy Terrazzo.

Our Values:

Customer driven
• Listen to the needs of customers and end-user clients
• Learn about the market structure
• Never stop watching for market changes
Operational Excellence
• Quality
• Efficiency
• Cost-consciousness
Open innovation
• Watch for new techniques and products
• Be receptive to new ideas
• Collaborate with universities to break new ground
All for one
• Teamwork
• Commitment
• Investing in people
• Ownership
• Initiative

Our Principles:

• Honesty
• Ethical behaviour
• Absolute legal compliance – above minimum          standards
• Every group company, at every level
• No prejudice
• Harness our different perspectives to our advantage
• Active co-operation with suppliers, customers, partners
• Provide the best
• Build to last
• Never stop seeking new opportunities to succeed
• Never give up